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alyriza on Life – Inner Core Light

Shaahin Bahremand on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
excellent shot

L'angevine on Life’s Details – Sun Rays
bravo pour cette teinte et ambiance à vélo

tyan on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
I just thought of you a few days go and wondered how you were doing,and you dropped by today!Thanks! God must have read ...

shervin on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
Great photos colors . Really enjoyed

CF09 on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
When everything goes wrong... :]

tyan on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
Aiya you beat me to it. I was going to wish you happy new year first! Happy New Year! May it be a fruitful and ...

kairospix on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I haven't been up-to-date. At one point I was trying to catch-up and be more ...

tyan on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
Ps and IMO, i think blue suits bride more than the pink she was wearing!

tyan on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #017
I like this one very much! Nice!:)

tyan on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #045
Hello! Have you started taking wedding shots professionally? Aiyah I should have got married later so I can engage you ...

shahriar mohimi on Pre-Wedding Shoot 2 - #042
بسیار عکس زیبایی است آفرین

Meg on AD Wedding Shoot 2 - #061
Your blog has been full of happiness. Thank you for sharing with us. I, too, could feel so happy!!

Enzo on Random Catch-up Post #404
J'aime la géométrie et la composition rigoureuse de cette image!

Raihaneh on Life’s Details – The Bended Bench
wow..realy nice compo

Meg on Life’s Details – Japanese School Life Peek #192
When I was child, I, too, used to do it. I think sometimes a mystery should remain the mystery. Thank you for showing ...

katalog firm on Random Catch-up Post #404
great shot,exellent colours and details

Punit on Random Catch-up Post #404
Nice capture. The pattern drives the eye..

S on Random Catch-up Post #372

S on Random Catch-up Post #388
Excellent shot and treatment!

S on Random Catch-up Post #391
I like a lot your sense of geometry, your work is always of great effect!

S on Random Catch-up Post #399
wonderful b&w, great eye!

S on Random Catch-up Post #403
Very nice capture of an intense instant.

S on Random Catch-up Post #404
Nice eco-capture, great geometry!

S on Random Catch-up Post #341
Lovely colors and composition :D

yiannis krikis on Random Catch-up Post #404
like a science fiction movie - I like it

Mj007 on Random Catch-up Post #404
Wow beautiful!!

@Look on Random Catch-up Post #404
Not easy to know what it is, but doesn't matter. Wonderful composition with soft colours and great perspective ...

BOCCONE CLAIRE on Random Catch-up Post #404
Très original!! Amitiés de France:CLAIRE

aggie on Random Catch-up Post #404
Interesting shot of solar panels. Thanks for popping by my photoblog.

Carmen on Random Catch-up Post #404
WOW! fantastic!

shoti on Random Catch-up Post #404

Annie on Random Catch-up Post #402
i like very much this portrait !!!!!

Mehdi on Life’s Details – Sun Rays
Mysterious space It's wonderful 5 Stars

Sonia Nansid on Random Catch-up Post #404
Very interesting shot

Jeremie on Life – Huge Guiding Light
Nice shot, the light is beautiful and I love those shadows. It reminds me indeed of my photographs, although the ...

MARIANA on Random Catch-up Post #404

Fusao on Random Catch-up Post #399
it's nice. very cool compo.

Lougris on Random Catch-up Post #404
une bonne image !! cadrage excellent !!

jpla on Random Catch-up Post #404
Très original ! Je te souhaite une agréable journée JP

Josh on Random Catch-up Post #400
Really like this one

Aboololo on Random Catch-up Post #404
nice shot . i love green .

Ian Bramham on Random Catch-up Post #404
solar panels eh?!...I'm not sure that I'd have guessed right without the tags!

tyan on Random Catch-up Post #404
hey dude,let me make a guess what this is,a solar panel?

Calusarus on Random Catch-up Post #404
Very creative. I like this repetition a lot

Michael Rawluk on Random Catch-up Post #404
It is very cool. Don't you just finding unusual stuff?

flyingwind风飞扬 on Random Catch-up Post #404
Excellent! Very original capture!

rem_la on Random Catch-up Post #403
crie pas, je suis pas sourd !

rem_la on Random Catch-up Post #404
une geométrie interessante !

tataray on Random Catch-up Post #404
Original !... )

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